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SUPPORTING our small Christian school by helping to create some fun projects for the Gala live auction. The Wood burned ‘signs of the cross’ mirror was created by the 7th and 8th grade students. Even though they were nervous to work with the wood burning tool at first, they were able to finish a beautiful work of art!

This adorable ‘God’s work of art’ chair was something all 100+ students from grades K-8 had a part in. Each was given a small teardrop shape to decorate any way they wanted. It turned out amazing!


RUNNING on a daily basis. The weather has finally been cooperative enough for the adults to run outside two to three days per week. School track practice has also begun.

{D} is running for his first year with the middle school, and is really being pushed hard. He is in the middle distance group, which means he focuses on the 400m and 800m races. High jump is also something he is learning. At his first track meet of the season, {D} was able to race to a 2nd place finish in the 400, and a 6th place finish in the 800.

We are proud of his commitment to the sport, even though he claims to not like running very much.

Angela is also once again helping to coach track at our school. It is a much smaller program that focuses on the younger grades, teaching them the basics of proper running and jumping form, and learning how to encourage one another. There are about twelve participants, including {I}.


PREPARING the land to build. We had a bit of a shock at the beginning of April, when our house building estimates came back much higher than we anticipated. After talking with our contractor, material supplier, and the bank, we were able to get the overall numbers down to a reasonable level.

There is still one more major hurdle to cross before we can break ground though. The appraisal will need to meet a certain dollar value for this project to make sense. And, although we need to wait another week for the results of the report, we are moving forward with the hope that we will be able to break ground mid May, as scheduled. In the meantime, we have been out to the site and have begun clearing trees.

We do have a peace about the entire situation, and if the numbers don’t come back as we hope, we will be going back to the drawing board to work it all out. We are committed to building something on this site of ours!


CELEBRATING Easter! Our family had such a blessed Easter together. In the week leading up to Easter, we were able to view our church’s Passion Drama and really take in the true meaning of this all important holiday.

Easter morning we woke early for the sunrise church service. It is always such a beautiful service. The church is filled with white lilies and the brass quartet plays all of the amazing victorious hymns.

After the service we attended a brunch of egg bake and fruit, served by the youth. Once home, we had a small egg hunt for the kids. They all seemed to really enjoy working together to gather them all! In the evening we visited grandpa and grandma Jackson at their house for a delicious ham dinner.

It was such a special day!


This is just a glimpse at what our family has been up to. If you’d like a closer look, be sure to check out our weekly ‘mini vlogs’ on our family YouTube channel ARROW HILL FAMILY. Be well everyone!

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