Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Angela and I have been designing houses since 2004. By meeting with countless clients over the years, I know that one thing is certain:


A home should reflect the family that lives there – and nobody knows YOUR family more than YOU!

I started this website in 2017 with the goal of giving people the resources and confidence they need to be completely involved in the design, styling, and care of their family’s home. Whether you are hoping to design and build your dream house, thinking about buying one to make your own, or wanting to improve the one you have, I’m here to guide you along the way.

I invite you to explore this wealth of information in three main categories:


Have you been dreaming of designing your perfect house, but feel confused by how to get started or intimidated with everything there is to learn about the design process?

Don’t stress!  I’ve got you covered!  I have a degree in architecture, and over 12 years of design experience. I’m here to tell you that the process of designing your home shouldn’t scare you, it should excite you!  On this website, I lay out the design process in each of these sub-categories:

  • GETTING STARTED: The basics of home design can be found here.  In this section, I teach you how to determine the amount of space you need, how room connection can affect the layout of your home, what to look for in a building site, which tools you will need to start your design process, and more!
  • PLANNING: Prepare to dive in and use what you’ve learned to draw out the plans that will be required for you to build your house.  You will learn how to create scaled drawings both with good old fashioned pen and paper, and easy to use software.
  • EXTERIOR STYLES:  In this sub-category, I provide information on the most common home styles, and explain what the trademarks of each style are.  Exterior design should be developed alongside the floor plan, and determining early on which home style you and your family connect with most is an important step in the design process.
  • 3D MODELING:  Though intimidating to most people, 3d modeling is incredibly helpful in home design and I promise you, it is not that difficult.  3d images will give you a much better idea of what your finished home will look like, and how it will function.  Tutorials on how to create both computer aided and physical models can be found here.
  • BUILDING TIPS:  You’ve done it!  You’ve designed your house!  Now… let’s make this dream a reality.  I help you get an idea of what your home will cost to build, give you tips on how to choose a contractor, and walk you through the steps that happen while your home is being built.


You’ve moved into your new house (either one you designed, or one you found on the housing market) and now it’s time to give that house some personality and really make it reflect your family.

  • INTERIOR DESIGN:  Wondering what the best furniture arrangement is for your living room, deciding if your kids should share a bedroom, or stumped about how to add character to that small bathroom?  In this sub-category I share tips on all that and more!
  • INSPIRATION BOARDS:  Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you see it.  I love to curate all kinds of inspiration – from whole house color palletes, to collections of art and perfect pillows.
  • HOLIDAY DECORATING: Give your home a little extra love during the holidays, and share it with your visitors.  These decorating tips are sure to impress.
  • DIY PROJECTS: Ready to get your hands dirty?  In this section I showcase some of my own personal projects, as well as great home tutorials from around the web.
  • READER SHOWCASE: You LOVE your home.  It’s okay to brag.  In this section, I feature photos from my reader’s homes.  Simply subscribe to the blog, and email me images of what you’re proud of, for a chance to be featured!


You’re home has been loved.  Well loved.  Maybe TOO well loved.  You can help it age gracefully.  After all, your home is a reflection of YOU and your family, and you want it to put it’s best face forward.

  • HOME MAINTENANCE & REPAIR:  The first thing to know about home ownership is that the projects will never end.  From prepping for cold weather arrival to patching that damaged window, I share the info that will help you manage anything your home throws at you.
  • REMODELING TIPS:  Is your family growing?  Are you starting a home business?  Learn how to make the most of the space you have, and how to add on if you need to.
  • TRENDS: The building industry is constantly evolving.  In this section, I lay out the current trends, so your home can keep up.
  • ORGANIZATION:  Sometimes a simple change is all you need.  Make your home a functional power house with these amazing organization tips.
  • MAKEOVER TAKEOVER: Are you thinking of tackling a home project, but scared to start because you aren’t sure how it will look when it’s done?  This SUBSCRIBER ONLY benefit allows you to submit your dilemma so that I can take a look and offer a solution.  Consider it a digital consultation, free of charge!

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